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Shih Tzu's To Bless You

Shih Tzu
Litters Coming Soon

We home raise and train our dogs in our home for seniors and special needs persons as companions indoors and to be around children, elderly and to listen to obedience commands.
They are ready for you when you pick them up to be around fine surroundings
snuggles, hugs, as bundles of love from our home to yours.
They are crate, potty, therapy companion trained - have scheduled bedtimes with snuggles, hugs, obedience commands they listen to to make your new family life more joyful and enjoyable.
Email about Inquires for deposits on puppies available in
Our Nursery

Proceeds from puppies sold helps support
Helping people getting back to basics of

taking care of each other and
Providing a window of opportunities to Helping People Make A Better Choices In Life

Learn More about the Shih-Tzu Breed

Shih Tzu Canine Association Information
Email us - We're Interview and take deposits for our next litters now
Most puppies are sold before they are born with pick of litter as

deposits are made

AKC Hand Raised Groomed and Trained
Vet approved and vaccinated
Your satisfaction is guaranteed or refund within 1st year for Genetics and Health

Email us if you are interested in special trained
Home Bred ShihTzu babie(s) from Taking Kare of People Farm

We accept most major credit cards
To make a deposit on a puppy use the below link
for a new Litter coming soon

Our Puppy Nursery and Play Ground below

We train all the babies to secure your quality of life and a
joyful lifestyle  so they're
ready for you when you get them home

GUARANTEED Satisfaction
 See Contract

shih tzu's come in all sizes of bundles of love

The above gang is available
All are Obedience, Potty, Companion Therapy Trained
We've nick named them by their colors - they're pure bundles of love and fun
Blue is in the center, Big Ben on the right and on the left in the leaves are beltloop and benji

"Rose of Sharon" Baby  Female Liver Brindle $1,200

All our Shih Tzu's  are trained for special needs Persons and Seniors
Available from $750 adults to puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months starting at $1,000 - $1,200.
Proceeds of all puppy sales Helps to support Critterpark.com and Takingcareofpeople.org

Shih Tzu Blue with Rose of Sharon
What the puppy below will look like at 8 weeks
Too young for us to sell - we train them and work with them till 3 - 6 months
or older before we sell them to be WOW PAL© Companions

Email for deposit - they go fast even while their snoozing

The first weeks of a puppies life are the most crucial for the rest of the dogs life!
The breeder and environment that the puppy grows up in and comes from and training background for the puppy's first 8 weeks is the most important part you want to be sure of and research for cleanliness and calmness - before you bring your puppy home.
Never purchase from just any breeder or a pet shop or a person that just sells all kinds of dogs - sometimes called a puppy mill - with lots of various dogs that does not keep any standards with AKC.

All our ABC puppies are sold limited with all shots, wormed
crate trained, obedience social and manner groomed with
One Year Genetic and Health Guarantee
Stud Service and Breeders may inquire

Male or Female????

In our opinion - the female and male depends on how much fun you want to have.  Do you want a more playful puppy and dog - then you want a male.  If you want more of a lap dog than you want a female.
Proceeds go to non-profit takingcareofpeople.org where we stress free - Home groomed, obedience, potty trained and prepare them as your special family companion 540 860 2664
We have two litters socialized and potty trained.
and some adult dogs

In general males are more affectionate and females are more prissy - and just as affectionate many times.
The myth is that males are sometimes harder to train mostly because they have a tendency to run and spray after 6 months- but that is is very easily resolved with proper training -  I personally prefer males due to their personality and they tend to be more fun to be with. Males make for a better family pet with children in my opinion.

Females make for a more lap dog type that tend to want to lay around more and watch the world go by
and be admired and made over - but there are always exceptions.

We start socialization and voice sounds for later obedience training in home from birth. 
Many people prefer females because they have been told they are easier to train and maintain and quite frankly
the only difference is if you don't get your male dog fixed before he becomes aware he is a male dog - usually around 6 months - when your vet advises.  When trained properly and neutered (We require all dogs be fixed so not to reproduce upon receipt) then your male dog should not desire to lift his leg to go potty in your home.

It really depends if you prefer a lap dog or a play dog and the personality that puppy develops over the first weeks and months of their life.

Shih Tzu's are very intelligent and sociable dogs - very complex and emotional. 
They can be traumatized very easily thus I believe that is where many start skin conditions and allergies.  Of all my dogs -
I've only had one dog develop a skin condition and it was when she left home to be bred - thus I've never allowed anyone to leave home again for a hot date. 
They are always supervised by mother dating under my nose at home.  Thus no allergies or skin conditions with all our happy campers -
see below.
Pricing information:
Most start at $1,000
Puppies range in age from 12 weeks to 6 months
Adult dogs start at 1 year and older
Adult dogs start at $750 - 1,200 and the darker they are the higher the demand and price for rarity.
White with gold markings adult dogs more than one year old
and some rare exceptions start at $750 -
The usual price for everyone under 1 year start at $1,000
Solids and some more rare colors start at $1,200.
Females white with gold markings start at $1,000 and up
Adult females  usually about 2 - 4 years old start at $850.
All our dogs are emotionally well balanced, socially, theraputic companion trained,
for all around good behavior groomed to be inside dogs.

We raise and train our dogs for seniors and special needs persons as companions indoors and to be around children and elderly and listen to commands and to be around fine surroundings with
scheduled bedtimes with obedience commands they listen to.
Puppies below are from our previous litters

Jewels Rough and ready

Jewels princess

Jewels snowy show off
Sold  Jewels Snowy show off  solid white gorgeous - $ 1000

Emi Gangis Khan
Emi and Gingus Khan Babies below
Emi's tiny tot
Sold  Emi's Solid Blue eyes - Gold/Brindle Male - He was Sold at 2 weeks old  - $1,500

Emi's baby boy
son of a gun classic black and white with Solid Black father $1000
avg. size  9 lbs full grown
<> Deposits $ half down
Genetic and Health Guarantee for one Year
Mail Deposits to Taking Care of Critters -  PO Box 669 - Luray, VA  22835

Opps.... Honey is not for sale - she's just a show off

Honey Horse Dust Makes You Laugh

Below - Sold - Sophie


Oreo - Sold

Puppies go home months after they are groomed to be
behavior trained to be companions that are  house/potty trained

Brindle - Sold

This litter was sold before they were born

Email us for your special request

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Shih-Tzu Breed and History
Email us: How To Get Your Own Bundle of Love
Exceptional Breed - Home Raised

<>A Family visit to decide which puppy?

The Gang

Our Special Family - The Gang

Support and Sponsors are from people everywhere Exceptional Shih-tzu puppies Proceeds from puppies helps support development of our Learning Park
A Better Choice  - Taking Kare of People @ Critter Park.com
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[Contact] 800 750 9110

Our Satisfied Friends that come to visit often
Lacey with Tommy our neighbor
Tommy's Pride and Joy - Lacy
The Best Compliment is when my neighbor Tommy brings his baby Lacy over after
the grooming to visit and get kisses from Grandma.

Our Garden Bathroom at Critter Park Where we all hang out

Carol Kincade  - so many beautiful babies to choose from
She's getting her 2nd one from our next litter this spring

Born March 25th Beethoven and Countess Countess is a wonderful mother
Lovely Sophie I hear from her Mom - Goes to school and gets cards from all the kids at school
is a wonderful school mate in Harrisonburg Elementary School

Email for Deposit

Emi and Gangis Khan

Satisfaction of your pick guaranteed or money returned
All Puppies guaranteed healthy 1 year
Choice by order of deposit made

All Raised in our home for our Therapy
vet inspected with shots and obedience trained
With Our Love to For Your
Special Loved One and Family

Average weight is 9 - 11 lbs
Obedience and home living trained - Vet inspected AKC - shots
Guaranteed Satisfaction 1 year health
Shih-Tzu Breed Information

Proceeds help support
Taking Kare of People Learning Park

Shih Tzu Stud Service

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Don and Joyce Paul Realators
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Joyce Cell 301 752 3370

Tom and Nancy See  
Harrisonburg  VA
School Teachers
email is their daughter - who put the
  surprise together with Dad few years ago

Nelson Lawson
Fairview Road
Luray, VA  22935

shih-tzu stud service